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  • Mandating TLS 1.2 or higher
    As of the week commencing 14th September, PKB intend to upgrade our systems to ensure that only TLS versions 1.2 and above will be supported on all our severs (including non-UK) for: Public internet webapp connections. HSCN webapp connections. Public internet HL7 API connections. All Sandbox connections. For the time being HSCN HL7 connections will
  • N3 Sandbox server DECOMMISIONED
    Following the announcement of our intention to decommission the N3 sandbox, the Patients Know Best team have worked closely with all customers impacted to transition them to the public sandbox. With this work now completed, the public sandbox becomes our official and only supported test environment. Further information about sandbox connectivity can be found here. 
  • Why logging HL7 response codes is important
    When Patients Know Best (PKB) receives an HL7 message, we respond by sending an acknowledgement (ACK) message. This message is used to indicate whether PKB received the message successfully or not, and if the patient record was either updated with the data sent or quarantined for manual review based on the configuration criteria specified (e.g.
  • Decommissioning the N3 Sandbox server
    We will shortly decommission the N3 sandbox system, enabling us to streamline the release process further and offer a higher level of support to our customers. As a result, the public sandbox will be our official and only supported test environment.